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Color Me Strong

In the beginning of February 2022 I’ve received a package from Sigrid Kuusk, a wonderful jeweller living in Estonia. I was very much looking forward to shooting a personal project with her beautiful pieces, even though I didn’t have any specific concept in mind yet.

Shortly after the War in Ukraine broke out.

It was right from the beginning that this new, unexpected and absolutely horrible reality occupied my thoughts constantly and made me feel unable to focus on anything else.


I decided then to use the creative collaboration with Sigrid to process some of what was happening in my head but most importantly to visualize 5 emotions or states of mind I perceived as rather omnipresent in the people experiencing the war but also on everyone that understood the large impact of it.






Model/ Desli Roman

Art Direction/ Cristina Cordero

Jewelry/ Sigrid Kuusk

Hair & Make-Up/ Sarah Gmür

Make-Up Assistance/ Sandro Speri

Assistant Light/ Arbnore Vokshi

Set, Photography & Retouch / Carlos Cordero-Rosales

Publication / Portail

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