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The Shift

We are used to the defining quality of fashion – we become someone by getting dressed in the morning.

A queen wears a crown, a model wears heels.

This project exposes a different relationship between the self and its construction. It puts to the test the idea that clothing (and the identities we take on through it) exists in their perfectly determined ways. It explores fashion as something external to us - something imposed, something uncomfortable, something familiar, something unfinished.


The self becomes a character in a world of fashion. Can it be up to us to create ourselves? Can we write our own story by paying attention to how the story is made?


Art Direction / Anna Lytvynova

Model / Ava Tao

Styling / Julia Jauner

Hair & Make-Up / Claire Boutellier

Exhibtion / Photo Schweiz 21

Photography & Retouch / Carlos Cordero-Rosales

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